What is a VPN for ?

Our VPN services provide a secure encrypted connection over an inherently insecure network such as the Internet.

One major use is to create a secure 'Virtual LAN' between physically remote computers. This allows connected clients to behave as if they were all physically joined to the same local network, keeping the data passing between them secure and opaque to the wider insecure Internet. This usage is typical of 'Road Warriors' and tele/homeworkers.

Another use is to enhance privacy and anonymity. Users' network traffic to and from the Internet is encrypted and travels via a single connection to the VPN server. This provides security in insecure environments such as public WiFi hotspots, it prevents interception of passwords and other sensitive data, stops interference or shaping of traffic based on either content or protocol, and it prevents logging of sites visited and analysis of usage by ISPs. Users also no longer appear to have their usual IP address and instead use that of the VPN server, thus keeping their true address and location private from remote sites and services.

My ISP restricts my speeds, will this help ?

Maybe, it depends on how and what they restrict

If their traffic policy is based on content, such as Skype, streaming media or torrents, then a VPN very probably will help. Your traffic will be opaque to your provider so they won't know what it is.

If, however, their policy is volume- or time-of-day- based then it quite probably won't help.

Unfortunately, some providers appear to restrict all encrypted traffic and, again, a VPN probably won't help in these cases.

The best way to find out is by requesting a 24 Hour Free Trial

Do you really guarantee the minimum bandwidth levels ?

Yes, we never oversell bandwidth and at least this amount will always be available for each user regardless of how many users are actually connected.

Obviously we can't increase your connection speed to greater than your ISP speed though, nor can we influence speeds beyond our servers and within the wider Internet.

Some providers offer 'unlimited bandwidth' or 'unrestricted speed' but they make no guarantees about any level you'll actually receive. We promise to provide at least the guaranteed rate at all times.

Is the traffic really unlimited ?


Do you keep logs ?

We keep a rolling 24-hour log of connections to and disconnections from the network. We also keep an aggregate log of overall server speed and traffic total for service monitoring.

We do not keep any logs of sites visited or services used.

Do you block any sites or services ?


What about incoming connections/port-forwarding ?

We can provide securely-encrypted forwarding for ports numbered 32768 and up.

What are the system requirements ?

You will require a functional Internet connection.

Other than that we provide VPN software for Windows 2000/XP, Vista and Windows 7.

On other operating systems any openvpn-compatible client capable of PKI/SSL certificate-based authentication may be used.

Mac users can use Tunnelblick

What are 'Multi-User' and 'Virtual-LAN' ?

Normally each account is allowed a single connection to the VPN, subsequent connections using the same account will drop any previous ones. The multi-user option allows several clients to connect concurrently using one account. The bandwidth allowance for the account is shared between the connected users.

Virtual-LAN allows clients to behave as if they were part of the same physical network. They will be able to communicate and exchange data directly and securely using the encrypted connections. This may be used with either seperate client accounts or a single shared account, or a combination of the two.

Can i have a custom plan ?

Yes, We can setup any speed you require - From 1 Mbit to 10 Gbit.


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